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Augmented analytics

what is it and how can it transform your marketing

Utilizing the benefits from loads of marketing data coming from various sources is not so easy. With so many channels, it's easy to overlook tiny details that can easily become major issues. To stay on top of budgets, ad campaigns, website stats, and other relevant KPIs, marketers need help.

Enter Augmented Analytics - a technology that analyzes all your marketing data, and reports on everything out of the ordinary. With the power of artificial intelligence in the background, this new analytics approach allows marketers to be proactive and address any issues before they become problems.

In this eBook we are explaining the basics of Augmented Analytics and adding a few examples so you can see how this new technology relates to your everyday work. With it you'll learn how to:

  • Understand how Augmented Analytics can help marketers
  • Discover new insights that will help you optimize campaigns
  • Improve ROAS and other KPIs leading to maximized marketing ROI
  • Implement AI-powered learnings into your marketing strategy

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