Case Study



Managing a complex media mix is easier with all the data in a single place

How Seven.One Entertainment Group keeps track of all campaign performance within a very complex media mix and optimizes faster.

As part of one of the largest media companies in Europe, Seven.One Entertainment Group was confronted with a challenge on how to manage and analyze vast amounts of online and offline campaign performance data. Most of it was manually managed, which limited the reporting cadence to just once a week, greatly impacting their ability to draw useful and timely insights from their data.

With the help of Adverity, all of the data from various sources is now automatically integrated, bringing them reports updated on a daily or even hourly basis, not to mention greatly reducing the workload for the team. Based on these insights they are able to optimize and improve ad campaigns, successfully supporting the company’s business priorities and goals.

By utilizing the features of the Adverity platform, Seven.One Entertainment Group has managed to achieve the following benefits:

  • Timely reporting on all KPIs
  • Access to accurate and trustworthy data
  • Centralized data for the whole company

To find out in more detail about the benefits that Seven.One Entertainment Group enjoyed by implementing Adverity, download our case study.

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