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Maximize your revenue and improve marketing ROI by identifying the best performing marketing channels without any reliance on cookies.



A new standard for marketing measurement

ROI Advisor provides actionable insights for effective budget allocation and revenue growth on a continuous basis.


Why ROI Advisor?


Double down on your marketing efforts

Understand how to allocate your budget across different marketing channels to get the best possible return on your investments. This will enable you to maximize your revenue without increasing your budget.

Own the only report you ever wanted

Have a complete overview of your marketing effectiveness across all online and offline marketing channels. Now you can backup your next budget pitch with reliable data and justify your spend going forward.


Get actionable insights to improve your ROAS

Stop guessing and understand where to invest to get ROI fast. Obtain valuable insights into ROI through data science that are easy-to-understand to everyone – not just data scientists!

Ready for the cookie-less world?

Forget about cookies and get insights into e-commerce marketing ROI while being fully compliant with all customer privacy regulations.

What can ROI Advisor tell me?

What is the contribution of marketing to overall company revenue?

Understand the contribution of marketing on top of the base sales. ROI Advisor enables you to answer the most fundamental while often the most challenging question for any e-commerce marketing leader.

How should I allocate my budget to maximize the outcome?

Easily identify the contribution of individual channels over time. This will enable you to build the best performing marketing mix to achieve your targets and lay a strong foundation for true data-driven marketing.

What channels are the fastest to revenue?

Thanks to our Investment Lag Effect chart, you can immediately see how long it takes for a specific investment to turn into revenue so you can identify channels to invest to realise quick ROI.

Which of my paid channels are worth more investment?

Compare the performance of different ads channels (e.g. Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn) and understand how to allocate your budget across these channels to ensure the best ROI.

How much revenue did my last campaign deliver?

See how much a specific campaign contributed to the overall revenue. ROI Advisor allows you to easily see if your last investment delivered the expected results.

Additional benefits

Continuous insights

ROI Advisor is continuously learning from new sales and marketing data and is updated weekly to provide actionable insights.

Out-of-the-box solution

Everything from data integration to modeling is fully automated, just click and discover the full value of your marketing investments.

Short time to value

Thanks to quick onboarding you will be up and running in a few weeks. This will ensure fast time-to-insights and the best ROI from that moment on.


We use machine learning (Bayesian model) to draw statistical relationships between investments and revenue on a channel level. The model is able to tell which component of investment led to which amount of revenue in return.

We require a minimum of 2 years of marketing and sales data to deliver reliable results. However, the more data the model has, the better the results will be.

We work with your internal team at the beginning to make sure to integrate all necessary marketing and sales data. From that moment on, everything from data ingestion to modeling is fully automated.

ROI Advisor can be seen as an attribution modeling on a channel-level. However, there is no dependence on cookies. This makes ROI advisor a future-proof solution that is fully compliant with all customer privacy measures.

For our existing customers, the process can take up to 1- 2 weeks. For a new customer, the onboarding and implementation usually take 1-2 months.

"We use the insights coming from Adverity to demonstrate the path forward in the next quarter to our client, and to show how exactly we can improve the ROI of their campaigns."

Dany Eid
VP Data and Technology


"We've been able to double the value we are delivering to our customers who need it the most and more than double the return on ad spend we're getting in some channels."

Alexander Holt
Data Enablement Manager

"A comprehensive overview of our data provides the possibility to unlock hidden potential: from uncovering insights on our activities to improved data-backed decision making."

Dr. Sebastian Siebert


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