Adverity Bitesize

Overcoming the
naming conventions
challenge with AI

How machine learning can solve a common but critical problem for marketers


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Host: Joseph Caston, Senior Solutions Consultant at Adverity

Guest: Giorgia Costa, Client Services Director at Flashtalking 


For most marketers today, applying relevant and consistent naming conventions to elements such as campaigns and placements is critical. This is a challenge for many though, as, often, human error creeps in to thwart their effectiveness, resulting in reporting inaccuracies and wasted effort.

The application of technology to help manage such inconsistencies has provided some success in recent times, but with the advent of AI machine learning, marketers now have a much more powerful tool in the fight against naming convention errors.

In this Adverity Bitesize webinar we’ll discuss the challenges faced by marketers in achieving effective use of naming conventions, and how machine learning can be easily applied to overcome the problems human errors cause.

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Joseph Caston
Senior Solutions Consultant at Adverity
Giorgia Costa
Client Services Director at Flashtalking