AI: The missing piece in your marketing stack?


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Hosts: Gavin England, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Adverity; and Christina Schlesinger, VP Sales at Adverity


We know, we all want AI - but not many of us really know why, or what for. Augmented Analytics, powered by AI, can be an indispensable technology to help uncover invaluable insights, quickly and easily. But AI is useless without the correct data and analytics. Do it right, and you will gain maximum value and intelligence from your digital marketing reporting; providing insights such as performance highs and lows, emerging trends, rogue outliers, and where to focus budgets for maximum ROI. But do it wrong, and it becomes a confusing, expensive mess….Artificial Stupidity.


In this session, we take a look at the evolution of AI, how it can drive Augmented Analytics, and how it can be applied to both ends of the integration and reporting process – to help obtain the right, high quality marketing performance data.

Your hosts:

Gavin England
Senior Product Marketing Manager at Adverity
Christina Schlesinger
VP Sales
at Adverity

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