Sportswear Innovator ODLO Reaches Peak Digital Performance With Adverity

Like at many other large consumer product manufacturers that manage multiple product lines -
both online and offline, and across numerous territories - business leaders at ODLO faced a
mountain of sales and marketing data.

So, they started looking for an intelligent marketing analytics platform to help them tackle this
challenge. For this project, ODLO had three main objectives in sight:

  • Build a consolidated data and reporting landscape for daily performance monitoring,
  • Steer and allocate ad budget more efficiently, spending it where the highest return is expected,
  • Foster data-driven decisions within the online business, based on improved transparency of the purchase funnel.

Just one of the benefits gained by implementing Adverity was that the time spent on managing data from various sources and creating reports has been reduced to only 1/3 of the time they used before.

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