The beginning of the shared data journey

How the world's leading destination management company turned COVID-19 into an opportunity to grow stronger with help from Adverity

Liberty International Tourism Group (LITG) is the world's leading destination management company with service offerings in the areas of virtual, MICE, leisure, cruise ground handling, and sport, active in over 90 countries worldwide, and employing more than 800 people.

COVID-19 had an enormous impact on the global travel and tourism industry. "As a company, we were hit extremely hard and, in retrospect, it couldn't get any worse for us," says Maximilian Wenger-Oehn, Head of Business Administration & IT at LITG, "as traveling was hardly possible and business trips were no longer an option anyway."

However, as the world’s largest destination management company, Liberty took the crisis as an opportunity, turning to Adverity to drastically improve its data management set-up. In doing so, they have made sure they are prepared to meet the new challenges of a post-COVID world head-on.

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