Accelerating Marketing Data Intelligence in Data-driven Media Agencies:

Data is generated from more and more sources, shared on more and more platforms, and increasingly expected to be collected in real-time.

To manage such a large workload, Mindshare had long been on the lookout for a marketing data platform that can optimize data integration, and reporting for its clients. These goals have now been met with the help of Adverity.

  • Automated data acquisition: Cross-channel data integration in near-real time – without unnecessary manual legwork.
  • Optimize data preparation: Harmonize and transform all marketing data across all campaigns and clients.
  • Visualization and reporting: Beautiful and interactive data visualizations and reports that are loved by clients.

The days of manually handling data integration processes are now over. As a result, more time is now spent on deriving actionable insights with less time invested in manual data transformation.

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