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How Digital Media Company, Digilant, Is Delivering More Value to Clients in Less Time

Tired of spending hours on creating static campaign performance reports for clients, digital media company Digilant turned to Adverity to help reduce staff workload and generate more value for clients.

Providing timely reports was a time-consuming challenge for the team at Digilant, as was generating insights needed to optimize campaigns. In a quest for a more flexible and scalable solution to manage ad performance data, they partnered with Adverity.

Instead of delivering static reports that become quickly outdated, the team now delivers to clients dynamic reporting dashboards that visualize integrated data from online and offline sources, providing a full and up-to-date overview of campaign performance.

With the help of Adverity, Digilant is now able to: 

  • Easily track how client ads are performing
  • Quickly develop new, data-driven, ideas on how to improve client campaigns
  • Build greater trust with clients and free up the team to deliver even greater customer value
  • Develop a brand new data analytics-based revenue stream

To find out in more detail the exact results and improvements that Digilant achieved with Adverity, click on the button below to download our case study.

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