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How Data Integration Helped AnalytixLive Pivot Their Business During COVID-19

When COVID-19 stalled operations for all of their clients, analytics consultancy AnalytixLive managed to reinvent their business with the help of Adverity.

As a business providing revenue management services for live entertainment organizations, tech-enabled analytics consultancy AnalytixLive was hit hard by COVID-19 lockdowns. However, as live entertainment shifted to streaming video services and social media, the team saw an opportunity to support their clients with advanced analytics of the engagement data coming from these platforms.

They sought out Adverity to help them seamlessly acquire the new and diverse datasets, which would allow them to successfully pivot their business in this direction.

With the help of Adverity, AnalytixLive is now able to:

  • Develop new revenue streams
  • Increase the value they deliver to clients
  • Onboard new clients faster and easier

To find out in more detail the exact results and improvements that AnalytixLive achieved with Adverity, click on the button below to download our case study.

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