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AI Growth tool or gimmick for the Advertising Industry?


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Hosts: Mitesh Lakhani, Senior Solutions Consultant at Adverity, and Alex Handsaker, Strategic Relationship Manager at Adverity


In the search for “the next big thing”, agencies worldwide have been paying more attention to artificial intelligence. Could AI bring an opportunity for innovation and added-value delivery?

If you look at recent news and industry discussions, artificial intelligence seems to be the advertising industry’s attempt to advance their offering on multiple fronts, from targeting methodologies and iterative optimization to media planning and buying.

The underlying questions in many of these discussions are: Does it work? Is it viable? And ultimately, should employees be fearful of their roles within the advertising space?

The short answers are it could work (if used properly), it is viable (especially in the long run), and employees definitely shouldn’t be fearful of their jobs.

Brought to you by our Senior Solutions Consultant Mitesh Lakhani, and our Strategic Relationship Manager, Alex Handsaker, we'll be discussing the reasons why we believe the answers above to be the case.


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Mitesh Lakhani
Senior Solutions Consultant
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Alex Handsaker
Strategic Relationship Manager
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